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Our licenced asbestos removalist team in Bonnie Brook carry out removal procedures safely in accordance with the health and safety regulations. We serve with honesty, commitment and quality.

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Removal, testing and disposal of dangerous asbestos.

For the most thorough asbestos removal in Victoria, speak to the team at Bison Asbestos Removal today. Our group of locally based asbestos removal contractors are fully qualified to handle asbestos projects of all sizes. From small residential removals through to large commercial site removals and industrial asbestos removal, we ensure the complete removal of all asbestos. Our extensive range of asbestos removal services in Bonnie Brook includes the removal of all non-friable asbestos products.


Bonnie Brook licensed asbestos removal

Bison are an Australian owned, qualified safe asbestos removal company who follow every guideline of WorkSafe Victoria. We take the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers very seriously whether we are working with residential or commercial asbestos materials. Whether we are working on the removal and disposal of asbestos material from a commercial property in Bonnie Brook, or a residential property, we ensure we remove and dispose of all asbestos waste and asbestos fibres with care.


Most trusted asbestos removal service in Bonnie Brook

We have asbestos removalists in all areas and can provide you with a free quote for removal from our government qualified and licensed experts.

The technology to do the job safely

Be it a single room in your home, a patch of roofing or the demolition of an entire building, Bison pty ltd has the expertise to ensure the efficient and safe removal of any hazardous asbestos removal Melbourne wide.

Your safety is paramount

Our removalists handle every project with maximum care. We thoroughly inspect the premises, identifying all harmful materials and removing them without releasing any dangerous carcinogenic fibres.

Decontamination of the entire area

Our asbestos removal will comply with all relevant regulations, and our efficient processes make us very easy to work with. Asbestos disposal is our specialty.

Asbestos roof removal, asbestos inspections, asbestos clearance & more…

We provide asbestos clearance certificates, asbestos roof disposals, and asbestos testing to Bonnie Brook, Victoria. All Melbourne suburbs still have asbestos looming. As licensed removalists, we can remove your asbestos fence, perform asbestos testing and can help with identifying asbestos in all asbestos floor, wall and ceiling building materials. We eliminate the risks involved with asbestos contaminated dust, and can come in a hurry for emergency asbestos removal.


Understanding asbestos

Asbestos features naturally occurring minerals that are resistant to heat, fire, and water and was widely used in building construction from the 1950s to the mid-1980s. If you have a residential, commercial or public building that was built before 1990, there is a very strong chance that it may contain asbestos.

Specifically used for roofing, flooring, soundproofing, decoration and more, asbestos has been banned for many years as it is carcinogenic. Exposure can cause fatal cancers and lung-related medical conditions, which is why all commercial buildings must be inspected for asbestos by law.

If you suspect there is asbestos in your business or home, have it inspected, particularly if it is worn or damaged. Your family or staff could be at risk of exposure to toxic fibres, which must be removed immediately.

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