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Our residential asbestos services

Bison Asbestos Removal Melbourne is the trusted choice for safe and professional domestic asbestos removal Melbourne wide, and throughout Victoria. As licensed asbestos removalists, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for property owners, including asbestos inspections, testing, and clearance certificates.
It is vitally important that you are aware of any asbestos that may be present in your home. While a low-risk if intact, any kind of damage to the asbestos can cause the release of its fibres, which could be potentially fatal to those living in the property.

Bison Asbestos Removal operates efficiently to identify and remove any necessary asbestos to ensure the complete safety of your family and self.

EPA regulated asbestos services

Our experienced team is equipped to handle any domestic asbestos removal project, from small residential asbestos removal to larger-scale site decontamination, and we are fully compliant with regulations set forth by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA). We have the expertise to remove all types of asbestos, including friable asbestos, and offer a comprehensive range of asbestos removal and disposal services.

Home asbestos inspection and testing

Our experienced team will perform a full inspection of your home, providing you with a report that details the location of any asbestos, as well as the sections that need to be removed. Our obligation free quote gives the necessary knowledge for which parts of your home could create a severe risk.

If necessary, our quote will detail the costs involved with the extraction of samples to confirm and identify the type of asbestos present in your property

Residential asbestos removal

Whether you need asbestos roof removal or asbestos flue removal, we have the expertise and tools to ensure a safe and effective removal process. We prioritize client safety and environmental protection, and are committed to providing a hassle-free solution for domestic asbestos removal in Melbourne and Victoria.

If harmful asbestos that is putting your family at risk is found, our expert and licenced team will remove any evidence of it from every room. This is inclusive of:

  • Ceilings

  • Floors

  • Walls

  • Roof, gutters and eaves

  • Garages and sheds

  • Carports

  • Any other necessary areas

Bison are highly experienced in asbestos removal and can work with and liaise with other onsite contractors in situations where asbestos is found during home renovations. We remove the harmful materials with the latest, hi-tech equipment that captures the smallest particles of asbestos dust.

Decontamination of your home

Specialist dust protection sheeting is used while removing any asbestos to ensure the protection of your home. On top of this, We thoroughly decontaminate your home after removal to guarantee everything is 100% safe for your return.
Don't risk your health or the health of your family by attempting to remove asbestos yourself. Contact us for professional and safe asbestos removal, and we will provide you with a competitive asbestos removal cost. Our services are available throughout Melbourne, including the eastern suburbs, the Yarra Ranges, and the Mornington Peninsula. Choose Bison Asbestos Removal Melbourne for all your domestic asbestos removal needs.

Safe asbestos disposal

The removed asbestos and other contaminated materials will be taken off site and correctly disposed of via our team at a properly certified Victorian asbestos waste disposal location.

Trusted clearance certificates

We will supply any required certifications as well as an Asbestos Clearance Report to confirm the complete removal of the harmful materials from your property.

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