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Bison commercial asbestos removal provides a high-quality service that individually assesses your building, tailoring our removal process to your specific needs for a minimised disruption of business operations.

Asbestos removal for your commercial property

We have the experience and expertise to service commercial and industrial premises by offering:

  • Removal and disposal of Class B asbestos materials including insulation, vinyl floor tiles, contaminated soil, adhesive, cement sheeting, and more

  • Asbestos encapsulation

  • Project management to cause minimal interruption to business activities

  • Demolition cleaning, partial/strip-out demolitions

  • Site cleaning and decontamination

  • Asbestos disposal service

  • Management of asbestos materials in the workplace

  • Floor grinding

As per WorkSafe Regulations, we wrap all asbestos materials and dispose of them via an approved asbestos waste site. Our team is available for emergency asbestos removal and can provide soil remediation, mould remediation, and asbestos inspection services. We also offer waste disposal and transport services, ensuring a hassle-free solution for commercial asbestos removal in Melbourne and Victoria.

Ensuring the safety of your employees

As asbestos is a hazardous material, it poses serious risks to the health and wellbeing of your employees if the fibres become airborne. Bison removes these materials in a safe and professional manner, keeping your staff and customers safe.

We are licensed to undertake Class B (non-friable), and WorkCover approved asbestos with full asbestos Public Liability Insurance. All of our procedures ensure safe asbestos removal via vehicles that have current EPA permits for disposal at EPA approved tip sites.

Our professional team is capable of removing any quantity of asbestos in a manner that is compliant with the Australian Occupational Safety Health Regulations 2017.

Safe removal for business & industry

Bison Asbestos Removal Melbourne offers a comprehensive range of commercial asbestos removal services in Melbourne and Victoria. Our experienced and licensed asbestos removalists are fully compliant with regulations set forth by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) and prioritise safety and environmental protection.

We provide reliable asbestos removal Melbourne wide, including solutions for commercial buildings, including industrial asbestos removal in Melbourne, site decontamination, and friable asbestos removal. Whether you require asbestos roof removal, roof replacement, or asbestos pick up, we have the expertise and tools to safely remove and dispose of hazardous materials.


The Bison Asbestos Removal process

Our team runs a thorough inspection of your premises, providing a report detailing the necessary removal work and risk levels of exposure to asbestos. Using personal protective equipment (PPE), our team handles all asbestos removal while ensuring that all employees and customers are kept safe at all times.

Once removed, we will handle disposal via a licensed asbestos waste facility, followed by a decontamination of the site with a clearance certificate confirming the removal of harmful materials and the continued safe use of the area.

Commercial asbestos industry leader

As the industry leader in commercial asbestos removal, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and professional service. Our services are available throughout Victoria, including the Yarra Ranges and Melbourne, and are suitable for all types of commercial property. Contact us for reliable and professional asbestos removal in Melbourne and Victoria.

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